Foldable Desk

Craving for an office space at home and not finding enough room is a true struggle, not everyone has the luxury of an office room, nor an extra space in the living room, for example. The foldable desk provides an instant location to put down your laptop and your coffee during working/studying hours, without getting in the way once you’re done.

Covid-19 proved that the existence of a workstation at home is essential, the end of lockdown is in sight, but not everyone will get the chance to go back to the office soon.

What we did:


The design process started with a market study of the available competitors, after that, we gathered feedback and input from the targeted parties such as small apartment owner.

There were different design routes available, but judging from the feedback and market analysis, the main design criteria were sturdy, highly compact, fixed, and with available small storage space. Our sample customers helped us decide how much desk and storage space was needed, and along with our own ergonomic research, we came up with the presented design.

As a strategy we positioned the foldable desk to offer a practical solution to an ever-rising problem. A higher density population means limited spaces and vertical expansion of buildings, which ultimately leads to more people living in apartments.

Product Design

We needed an efficient design that is different and aesthetically pleasing. We maintained the full function of a work desk, with the compactness of smart furniture, which makes the foldable desk a perfect addition to your workstation.

It is imperative that the product has high reliability with little to no maintenance, this led us to do strict quality control on the components and materials used. Sourcing the wood was no easy task, we needed wood that offers rigidity and proper aesthetics properties. This led us to offer multiple wood types for the desk in order to meet several criteria and price points to fit the targeted parties.

We’d like to point out that regarding the processes and activities involved, all actions and decisions aimed to save space and have a positive impact on the users at their apartment.

User Experience

We made sure that the user will have a satisfying experience when using the desk. High-quality woods, fine finishing, and a sturdy-feeling all contribute to the positive experience the user will go through.

The storage area is a convenient place that provides a space for the user to store their books, this will help in the cleaning process, and will also make retrieving them easier when needed next time. There’s also a 10 centimeters space off the wall that is always there which can be used to store your pen/pencil holder.

The foldable table takes a space of almost 1 meter of the wall, but goes down to a few centimeters when folded. This saved space can be the difference between a crummy apartment, and a tidy apartment with an office space.

The desk is easily fixed to the wall, and the hinges are of high quality, they also close down one hinge at a time in order to have a more friendly experience.


Our engineers worked closely with our designer to get the product as desired, transferred the selected concept into 3D (CAD) to conduct motion study, part sizing, and configuration, prepared shop drawing, and cleared the product for production. Motion study is conducted to accurately simulate and analyze the anticipated motion of the product.

More Case Studies

We enjoyed designing a vivid range of products whether with individuals getting their ideas ready to market or helping startup launch their business with a differentiated design or enabling enterprises to enter a new market, or enhance an existing product. We ensure all parties get the product ready to make exponential growth in the market.