Production & regulatory

Bold ideas need a great execution

Why you need production & regulatory

The surest guarantee that your product will meet the standard with the highest quality without any undesired production delay and cost.

Cost reduction

Meet market standard

Quality control

What we offer

Design Final Assembly +

Design Final Assembly

We conduct part reduction and evaluation studies to ensure that the assembling process is efficient to avoid any unnecessary costs and delays. We prepare the assemble guide notebook to control the quality (QC) and make sure all parts or specific critical parts coming out of production are tested and working as desired.

Manufacturing +


We oversee all the manufacturing process and their selection, we conduct the quality control unit (QC) to check the manufacturing tooling. We manufacture with our trusted partners, first of all, we keep requiring small batches to double-check the quality, once we reach the desired outcomes then we confirm the manufacturing tooling as ready for production.

Production +


We manage the production, before starting the mass production we work on managing the amount of each batch for different purposes such as marketing or certificate preparation. Then we prepare the mass production plans.

Sourcing +


We have our network which consists of multidisciplinary suppliers and service providers, we can source the product components from trusted vendors with desired quality. In addition, we conduct a cost comparison study to help our clients to make informed decisions.

Regulatory +


A product complying with regulatory requirements is the highest and surest guarantee and safeguard for the efficiency and efficacy of a product. also, products can’t be launched without being compliant with market standards, we assist and ensure that the product is compliant with standards, and country requirements.

Certificates +


We assist the process of getting the required product certificates and standards such as RoHS, CE, IC, FCC, EMC, inspection, and safety testing.

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