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Product DNA +

Product DNA

We make sure the product is human-centered by observing people in their natural environment, studying what they do rather than what they say to provide a richer and more realistic experience. For these diverse audiences taking into account how they live, work, and play considering the distinct sensibilities of the user from different cultures instead of just collecting mere needs.

Product Autopsy +

Product Autopsy

After understanding the DNA, we start to gain a better understanding of the design decisions that have been made in an existing product, such as the material used, why certain components have been used, and why aesthetic decisions on the product’s form, color, and finish have been taken. We do this to find out more about the product’s life, how long it has to live, how well it has to work, which components will damage or worm first, and which one will last.

Concept Creation +

Concept Creation

We start sketching many concepts considering the finding from the previous phases. We put these concepts in the explorative prototypes which lead us to fruitful unexpected insights, and hence to more innovative products. The main purpose is to see if the user can easily use the product to uncover obvious problems or to verify that the design is proceeding in the right direction.

Proof of Concept +

Proof of Concept

After exploration, we start making high-fidelity looks-like prototypes to communicate the product’s final appearance and test its usability. A 3D CAD model will be built to be used in model making. All vital aspects will be understood.

Performance Testing +

Performance Testing

We test and optimize many aspects of the product. We make a fully workable and functional work-like prototype thus the unseen problems are solved. In addition, we conduct Digital CAD Simulation to verify overlapping issues with regards to appearance, manufacturing, and performance. The testing may include a benchmark of competitor’s components to compare performance and cost.

Detailed Design +

Detailed Design

Our team will put the final touches on the design, check the specification, the product elements, and an overview of the manufacturing process intended. The final deliverables will include 2D and 3D models, Patent Drawings, and tested prototypes.

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