iCare Box

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with little to no information being available, it was a real scare to even go out of the house, let alone visiting a convenience store and bringing in foreign objects inside the house. iCare box™ delivered a solution to an urgent problem.

The well-thought-out functionality combined with the stunning aesthetics differentiates the product from any non-direct competitor. We say non-direct because there is no direct competition, the iCare Box™ is a state-of-the-art solution.

What we did:

Product Design

Combining functionality and stunning visuals is always a difficult task, but it was done brilliantly throughout this product, turning features into aesthetically pleasing aspects. We began with a deep research of understanding the new lifestyle of the users through the COVID-19 pandemic as the major of the community is adopting a new lifestyle out of fear of getting contaminated with COVID19.

Usually, the competitor analysis phase gives us an inside look into the thought process behind the design of the product, but with this product, we had no reference point, so we had to go on a limp in pretty much every point or stage. A well-thought-out design that is properly researched and tested is the final product of this project.

The inside space of the box was designed to accommodate any groceries you’d usually need on a daily basis, even if they’re on the bigger side of the spectrum.

Product Regulatory & Production

Our design team invested the time to study the components and sourcing them for the highest guaranteed quality, to ensure that the product will look and function with the highest reliability ratio.

The iCare box was designed with no compromises in quality, but to drive the price lower we had to think outside the box. We designed the product for manufacturing and assembly (DfM, DfA), which meant the parts required less time to be manufactured, and less time to be assembled, which gave the iCare Box™ competitive pricing against other household items.

Regulation wise, we made sure every component follows the ISO, CE, FCC, JFDA, FDA regulations (where applicable). That step was to ensure the highest possible outcome for clients, better sanitization experience, and a higher safety level. Our strategy for regulations and production was to get the regulatory compliance for the product confirmed and granted the soonest while preparing the production plan to have the product quickly produced and sent to the market.

User Experience

The conventional sanitizing method was to spray the items using a hand held sprayer, this posed the risks of touching the possibly contaminated items, and to miss a few spots.

We went through several iterations, concepts, and configurations to get an all-around better outcome. The final product has the ability to sanitize every product inside the space from every direction -including the bottom, in just ONE second. That’s right… One second.

Some other features include anti-slip and vibration dampening legs, food-grade surfaces, a high-end matte finish, and low operating noise.

The only thing the user needs to do to get his groceries sanitized with one second, he has just to put them inside the box and press the button.

Behind the Scenes

Product design is a process of joy, we began the concept creation with a set of options, we went through a series of explorative prototyping starting with just a muck-up to a high-fidelity prototype to determine the size and the mechanism. We got the user involved in the concept creation and testing to ensure the usability of the product.

More Case Studies

We enjoyed designing a vivid range of products whether with individuals getting their ideas ready to market or helping startup launch their business with a differentiated design or enabling enterprises to enter a new market, or enhance an existing product. We ensure all parties get the product ready to make exponential growth in the market.