Light Bringer

Light Bringer is a light of fun, love, optimism, and colorful table-top products that brings life to every desk. initially, the product focused on customization and love sharing. But its continued success since launching has allowed the brand to replace conventional souvenirs and giveaways by enterprises. Light Bringer succeeds in helping varied ranges of enterprises through its sophisticated aesthetic and friendly functionality, it allowed the spread of a diversified range of customized slices with different light colors for different appreciation messages.

What we did:

Product Design

We started with user research and an analysis of existing light illusion products, event’s prize, and enterprise giveaway, it helped us to understand pain points to be addressed: Giveaways and prizes were outdated and non-differentiated with conventional customization.

Enterprises were annoyed due to their prize being very traditional with slightly noticeable appreciation. They did not deliver the message of appreciation to the recipient (the enterprise’s client). There was no acknowledgment of the real value of these prizes as a memorable moment with motivation. There was not a good way to show a personalized appreciation message for the recipient. For the recipient, they were similar boring prizes.

Our design approach was to bring the best personalized prize, with very aesthetic appealing and human-friendly functionality (that did not exist in this area before), to help enterprises to provide better prizes.

Product Regulatory & Production

Our design team invested the time to study the components and sourcing them for the highest guaranteed quality, to ensure that the product will look and function with the highest reliability ratio. Our team selected the wood with a high aesthetic texture finish to give the product a life feeling.

Our design team checked the design for assembly and manufacturing, selected the most appropriate manufacturing process regarding time, cost, and quality, and established the quality control unit (QC) to ensure having the product as desired. As the wood is handmade, it was critical to control the dimensions and the finishing texture as well as the product was assembled by an operator, thus our team ensured the ease of assembling without consuming a lot of time.

Our strategy was to get the regulatory compliance for the product confirmed and granted the soonest while preparing the production plan to have the product easily customized in a time manner.

Branding & Packaging

Our strategy for the brand was to make it joyful, direct to the aimed message, and to be easily integrated with packaging, as the core of the brand is to enable personalized experience with a line of fun.

Branding and packaging are especially important to keep the value of the product clear. Our team kept these constrains in consideration through the creation journey.

Our team created bunch of options for the logo aiming to show the message of the product, created draft sketches for different concept, presented the color panel to meet the vision of the product, and discussed the results with the client to be aligned.


Our engineers worked closely with our designers to get the product as desired, selected the materials and checked the electrical connection to ensure the safety. Transferred the selected concept into 3D CAD to conduct motion study, part sizing and configuration, prepared shop drawing, and confirm the product for production.

Behind the Scenes

Product design is a process of joy, we began the concept creation with a set of options, we went through a series of explorative prototyping starting with just a muck-up to a high-fidelity prototype to determine the size and the mechanism. We got the user involved in the concept creation and testing to ensure the usability of the product.

More Case Studies

We enjoyed designing a vivid range of products whether with individuals getting their ideas ready to market or helping startup launch their business with a differentiated design or enabling enterprises to enter a new market, or enhance an existing product. We ensure all parties get the product ready to make exponential growth in the market.