Light Turbine

Battery is expensive, usually, disposing it requires methods that are harmful to the environment. One form of battery issues is the car’s battery going flat due to several reasons such as forgetting the car’s light on causing troubles for vehicles rider but the exhaust gas coming out of a vehicle is fast and dense enough to move a small fan, so adding a small turbine that generates enough electricity to operate the lights in the vehicle. This could lessen the frequency of the battery going flat due to leaving the lights on, which has high severe environmental effects.

What we did:

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We began with mathematical and engineering modeling to be able to build the required and correct boundary conditions for the experiments and the desired product as they will work as a guide line for the simulation and enable us to judge on the simulation results.

As CFD involves fluid flow calculations required to simulate the free-stream flow of the fluid, and the interaction of the fluid (liquids and gases) with surfaces defined by boundary conditions. We did the analysis on the exhaust gasses using the defined boundary conditions. We did that to ensure that the turbine did not add any back pressure to the engine, which can have negative effects on efficiency and even damage the engine.

(CFD) also validates the design in the sense that it tells us how much power is expected to be drawn with that turbine, it validates the design of the blades in harvesting the energy.

Product Design

We designed the turbine to be non-restrictive of the exhaust flow, of course, it will harvest some of the kinetic energy, but we made sure it harvests just enough to work properly but not too much that it would result in a net negative.

Several types of airfoils for the blade were designed and analyzed to achieve the desired goals. The design was also made to be easy to install in the exhaust cone with plug and play feature available, which results in minimum labor to fix and connect the turbine.


In our search for a proper airfoil, we studied the aerodynamic performance characteristics of multiple airfoils. The airfoil plays a key role in improving performance, noise control, and structural robustness.

The proper airfoil needs to be studied under different angles of attack, which is the angle between a reference line along the chord of the airfoil and the vector representing the relative motion between the body and the fluid in which it is moving. Also, the airfoil needs to be studied under a different Reynolds number, which is used to describe the nature of the fluid flow.

Another important part of the engineering work we did was material selection. The material needed to be strong enough to handle high revolutions’ speeds, light enough not to lose too much energy to move them and can withstand high exhaust temperatures.

Lastly, we made sure to source and select the best suited components with a proper fixing mechanism to ensure that we are getting the highest performance with desired reliability.

User Experience

The user-friendly experience of the exhaust turbine is supreme, the turbine itself is easy to install, just a matter of removing the muffler, adding two bolts to fix it, and you’re done. The interface with the vehicle is done by the simple process of plug and play, the wiring could be directed to the battery to help charge it, or to the lights by adding the necessary wiring.

More Case Studies

We enjoyed designing a vivid range of products whether with individuals getting their ideas ready to market or helping startup launch their business with a differentiated design or enabling enterprises to enter a new market, or enhance an existing product. We ensure all parties get the product ready to make exponential growth in the market.