Mini Grill

Where there is smoke, there is fire, and there’s probably someone chucking a piece of meat on it. Barbecue is one of the defining features in a region’s cuisine, gathering around a fire for a good meal is more of a human ritual than a habit, it speaks to us on a primal level.

The mini grill tackles all the needs of the middle eastern barbecue ritual, especially in the levant area. It was carefully researched and designed in order to deliver a product that will offer multiple features that will help the barbecuing process go as smooth as possible.

What we did:

Product Design

Barbecue in the Levant often happens on long trips that families and friends make, which means it requires a barbecue grill with high mobility, and that was one of the design criteria of this project. That also meant that it should be easy to store and not take too much space in the trunk of your car.

Another part of the barbecue menu is a meat/chicken & veggies wok. It’s a delicious meal cooked on charcoal or wood fire, and it is a must if you’re having a trip in the woods. To accommodate the wok, we added a holder which a wok rests on so it would be evenly exposed to the heat. In addition, the holder itself can also be used to balance a tea kettle.

The foldable barbecue has a design that allows it to be stored and moved at ¼ of the functional size, making storage and mobility an easy task.

User Experience

The process of folding and unfolding is as friendly as it gets, it just requires you to lift it up while not holding the barbecue legs and the extension and vents will drop to make more room for your charcoal/wood.

The barbecue process with the grill is ergonomic as lighting fire is easy as possible, thanks to the accessible ventilation slot, it’s friendly to use, especially if the meat in question is on a stick (e.g., Kebab, Chuanr, or Souvlaki). It is also possible to throw a grate on top and do your usual stake and hot dogs.

Conventional grills require a large storage space, the foldable grill makes it a pleasant experience to actually take it out for a long drive outdoors, as it leaves much space for your other needs that are not-so-compact.

Production design and regulatory

The foldable grill was made with quality in mind. The standard grill bought is usually made of thin sheet metal, that with heat will rust, disintegrate, and eventually be rendered useless. This is frustrating because you don’t want to buy one each season, and well, because we like having nice things that’ll last.

The foldable grill modular design makes it easy to manufacture and assemble, and the modular design gives you the right to repair instead of throwing out the whole thing because one part failed.

The material used is black cold rolled steel, it has superior rigidity, heat resistance, and finish. That makes it the perfect material to be used in this context.


After we settled on a concept, we transferred it into a Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) to conduct motion study, part sizing and configuration, prepared shop drawings, and confirmed the product for production. We also did some fluid simulation to ensure that the vents are able to circulate enough air for the wood/charcoal to burn efficiently and evenly.

More Case Studies

We enjoyed designing a vivid range of products whether with individuals getting their ideas ready to market or helping startup launch their business with a differentiated design or enabling enterprises to enter a new market, or enhance an existing product. We ensure all parties get the product ready to make exponential growth in the market.