Smarty Plug

Electrical outlets are dangerous, they pose a risk to the kids, and the solutions provided are often decades old, or could even backfire (e.g. plastic inserts are easy to remove).

Smarty Plug™ is an integrated solution designed to not only make the world safer but also to lower energy consumption and protect the environment. We have worked closely with the Smarty Plug™ team to research and develop a product that would go on to receive the highest of recognitions and to jump-start a much-needed product.

What we did:

Product Design

We designed the electrical box of the Smarty Plug™ to accommodate all the different components required for it to function and keep it within the standard MENA region sizes, which made the replacement process easier and less costly. It was no easy task considering how complicated the internal structure, but it was a defining feature of the product.

The inlet itself is a universal inlet to eliminate the need for any extra adapters, the Smarty Plug™ logo, and light positions were chosen to be easily visible and recognizable and to also not interfere with the other components in the box behind, as the space is very limited.

We took a close look at the struggles of using an electric plug, every tussle we discovered -from struggling to insert the plug into the inlet, to the shutter not closing down properly. We delivered a product that offers more features than a normal inlet, which is also easier to use.

User Experience

The Smarty Plug™ offers a simple interface that is easy to follow, the light indicator lights up in 3 different colors that each requires certain action (or inaction).

The Smarty Plug™ comes with an mobile app which enables the user to connect the socket to be able to monitor the plugged device. It comes with a clear steps to follow to be connected to the app which enables the user to fully monitor the performance of the plugged device regarding several critical criteria that might effect the life of the plugged device or cause serious electrical hazard.

When the performance of the plugged device is as desired the app will demonstrate that easily. but, if the performance is not as anticipated the app will show the potential hazard and the required action to be taken by the user to eliminate the potential hazard.

Production & Regulatory

The verification was done by 3D SLA printing the design to confirm the dimensions since they were precise. Once it was confirmed, we ordered samples from several manufacturers to obtain the highest possible quality.

Considering the nature of this product, it is only natural that this product must follow several regulations from different agencies (e.g., ISO, CE and FCC). We made sure when designing the product and selecting the components that everything follows the regulations. The certificates made it possible for this product to be presented, sold, and awarded in several markets.

Part of our engineering work was the mold design, it’s a crucial part of the manufacturing process which can make or break the product. Copper terminals design was also revised from conventional plugs, as it is possible for them to get loose as they are used, which could lead to disconnection or even sparks that could lead to short-curcit

We also conducted material testing and QA to ensure the outlet with all its components is reliable and long-lasting.

Behind the Scene

Product design is a process of joy, we began the concept creation with a set of options, we went through a series of explorative prototyping starting with just a muck-up to a high-fidelity prototype to determine the size and the mechanism. We got the user involved in the concept creation and testing to ensure the usability of the product.

More Case Studies

We enjoyed designing a vivid range of products whether with individuals getting their ideas ready to market or helping startup launch their business with a differentiated design or enabling enterprises to enter a new market, or enhance an existing product. We ensure all parties get the product ready to make exponential growth in the market.