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Do I really need a product design firm for my product

It is often asked what is the importance of having a professional design firm working on my product, and the answer is simple; having someone with a solid grasp on the multiple stages of a product’s life will simply result in an all-around better product. 

The client will almost always have an idea of the functionality and the aesthetic, but any design firm who has had this experience will agree that those ideas are often rough, contradicting, mechanically-impossible, or most importantly, missing that certain factor that will make the end product a hit. 

Having worked on several finished products in various markets, we can comfortably say that this makes all the difference! a product design firm will give you the best of those worlds; functionality, aesthetics, and experience.

So, let’s say you have an idea and you want to turn it into reality, why should you opt for a competent professional design firm? To answer this question, we could write a list with the top-10 reasons, and that would serve the purpose, barely, but it will. Instead, let us tell you a story that you can relate to.

We live in a globalized consumerist society, our need for goods is basic at its core, but what products genuinely appeal to us? That is a different story. 

However, one must be vigilant not to confuse a consumerist society with an individual, we all have vivid lives, strong beliefs, and intricate experiences, and it is not fair to water down an individual as someone who just wants to consume. 

A deep understanding of this consumerist behavior has to be reached in order to properly design a product that the masses will embrace.

The first dimension to product design is functionality; what does the product do, how does it do it, how well does it do it, whether it is comfortable or durable, etc. 

We can bet that whenever you want to buy a product, the first thing you think of is how this product’s functionality will serve you.

The second dimension is the emotional attitude of a product. It is how the product strikes us when we see it, it can be tough or cute, modern or old, subtle or crude. 

It is how we feel when we take our first glance at that specific product. If we show you a picture of three different pairs of shoes, you will most probably tell which pair is modest, elegant, or rugged.

The third dimension is the cultural style of a product. It is basically that style we identify with, along with a group of people who share some particular affinities. For example, a British aristocrat will have a different style than a skater from Los Angeles.

Now, we want you to imagine having a product in your hands, a product that serves you functionally, fits your emotional attitude, and is aligned with your cultural style.

That product is a product you can literally identify yourself with, it becomes an extension of your own identity to the world around you. That product is a product you can call, with 100% certainty, a well-designed product.

About the Authors

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Omar Khader

Principle Design Director

Omar is one of the most recognized product designers in the MENA region. His passion and talent blended with his experience combined with his personal vision about designing products for: culture, environment, psychology, and technology has privileged him to direct the strategic and conceptual design direction of most successful products.

He designs products with Ihsan, making the user at the heart of the product. He has won over 100 design awards. His work has been featured all over the globe. He helped design products for different nationalities making their life more tangible.


Ahmad Otaibi

Design Engineer

Ahmad has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Ahmad had delivered multiple award-winning design projects across organizations of all sizes, including small startup teams and multinational companies.

He is experienced in prototyping, research, and machinery. He has a proven track record in both superior practical skills and face-to-face communication settings. He is also noted for high environmental ethics, and always prioritizing quality and efficiency.


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