Why Product Design is Important and Why We Need Its Values

It is often asked what is the importance of having product design embedded in our business to have our own products, and the answer is simple; it helps the business to fulfill the needs of its customers by providing a better product thus enabling the business to get exponential growth, improved market position, and higher market share.

People are predictable. When they see a product that they want, they don’t buy it by chance. Even impulse purchasing can still be traced back to specific reasons and the value it adds to the consumer’s life. Companies, startups, and individuals, who are interested in making their product into reality, need to contemplate what value they are offering for their customers.

In this guide we will walk you through a series of values for product design and why we need to understand it.

Research and design planning is one of the main critical steps of the design cycle. Here, education is of the utmost importance. Freshening up on the basic science that concerns that specific product is often overlooked, but the basis has to be solid in order to continue. Then, figuring out what’s new in that field is the logical next step. Some new technology might mean the product is going to be a game changer or at the very least, perform better than the competitors.

After grasping the basics and the new technology, it is critical to understand the targeted customers. Who are they? How do they live? Why do they need this product? In what context will the prod- uct be used?… etc. There is no such thing as too much information, every piece of information acquired will prove to be important somewhere in the design journey.

Understanding the product’s customers can either be done with collecting data (Secondary research), or walking in their shoes and observing them (Contextual inquiry). If possible, the latter gives a much better insight. It also gives the opportunity to understand their motives, beliefs, and style. This information can help build a product the customer can identify with on a higher level.

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About the Authors

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Omar Khader

Principle Design Director

Omar is one of the most recognized product designers in the MENA region. His passion and talent blended with his experience combined with his personal vision about designing products for: culture, environment, psychology, and technology has privileged him to direct the strategic and conceptual design direction of most successful products.

He designs products with Ihsan, making the user at the heart of the product. He has won over 100 design awards. His work has been featured all over the globe. He helped design products for different nationalities making their life more tangible.


Ahmad Otaibi

Design Engineer

Ahmad has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Ahmad had delivered multiple award-winning design projects across organizations of all sizes, including small startup teams and multinational companies.

He is experienced in prototyping, research, and machinery. He has a proven track record in both superior practical skills and face-to-face communication settings. He is also noted for high environmental ethics, and always prioritizing quality and efficiency.


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