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Why is packaging design important and what types of packaging design are out there?

The second step of designing a great product is making a suitable package for the product, allowing the product to be shipped worldwide whether by sea or air freight. 

In this article you will be introduced to the types of packaging design and its importance with examples of packaging design from real products we packaged at Jazri Studio  

Why is packaging design important?

Packaging design is a highly important part of the sale of the product. It is (as important as the brand itself). As the first thing a consumer sees when looking at a product in the retailer environment.

It is the first seen (differentiator from other competitors) while a consumer is willing to purchase a product. It is the embedded communicator, it (communicates what the product can solve or do for the customer) and the company’s message. 

In addition, the most basic level of packaging design is that the packaging has (to protect the product), it must keep the product safe during the shipping process starting from the manufacturer facilities till the time it reaches the retailer shelves. 

Types of packaging design 

Essential Packaging is the (first intended layer) of packaging the consumer sees. It is mainly used to protect the product from undesirable environmental factors and present the product on the shelves with an appealing look while communicating the product’s information to the consumer.

Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) Packaging, simply put, is a cardboard box containing multiple essential packaging of a product. It could be customized easily for different reasons, but mainly it is used to provide additional protection and keep the main integrity of the essential packaging. 


We can conclude that the packaging design is as important as the brand itself. As it is the first thing the consumer sees so it communicates the values of the product, it provides protection and containment for the product starting from the manufacturing facilities till the retailer’s shelves.

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