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Why Product Research Is Important with Hands-on Examples of Product Research Methods 

In order to discover what people really need, want, and do rather than just what they say. We have developed and adopted at Jazri Studio many types of product design research methods and processes. 

From the products we have designed and through the manufacturing process we selected, this article shows a number of design methods we used to bring these products (our work) to life. You will discover, through reading this article how we looked with careful eyes while implementing product research to address the multitude of complex problems found while designing these products. 

Understanding your targeted parties

Before moving any step forward, we start identifying the audience, then we start asking people many questions about their belongings, and how important they are to them. We do this to ascertain the things that are valued by them to identify any patterns of use or personal meanings.

Collecting Photos and Videos

We keep it visual as much as possible, it is highly effective to draft rich data out of images and videos. The key advantage of photo and video diaries provide an excellent way of studying and capturing significant moments of people in their lives. 

Take a walk in the user’s shoes

Now we combine between the previous approaches, we get a ‘performer’ who regularly performs the task and we will observe and record everything while performing the tasks as well as the environment the performer interacts with. This approach helps in revealing unanticipated issues inherent in the routines and circumstances people may experience on a daily basis. 

An Example: A Day of Waiter

Below an example of a waiter from the moment he takes an order in his working day till the time to put the order on the table, this can give a rich and comprehensive view of the role, approach, philosophy, and tasks of the subject being shadowed. 


We can conclude that, to have a great product, we need to understand who we are making it for and how they will be using it in their natural environment to obtain specific goals. In other words, we can say, people do not want to buy the drill, they just want to have a hole in the wall, to be more specific they need to hang the frame! 

About the Authors

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Omar Khader

Principle Design Director

Omar is one of the most recognized product designers in the MENA region. His passion and talent blended with his experience combined with his personal vision about designing products for: culture, environment, psychology, and technology has privileged him to direct the strategic and conceptual design direction of most successful products.

He designs products with Ihsan, making the user at the heart of the product. He has won over 100 design awards. His work has been featured all over the globe. He helped design products for different nationalities making their life more tangible.


Ahmad Otaibi

Design Engineer

Ahmad has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Ahmad had delivered multiple award-winning design projects across organizations of all sizes, including small startup teams and multinational companies.

He is experienced in prototyping, research, and machinery. He has a proven track record in both superior practical skills and face-to-face communication settings. He is also noted for high environmental ethics, and always prioritizing quality and efficiency.


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