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About Ismāʿīl al-Jazrī

Ismāʿīl ibn ar-Razāz al-Jazarī, or as The old texts exalt him as Badi al-Zaman (unique and unrivaled) a 13th-century polymath, was a chief engineer at the artuklu palace.

Ismail al-jazari has built many automated mechanisms such as moving peacocks powered by hydropower, and he was the first one to invent automatic gates and doors, besides he invented dozens of mechanical devices and machines that could be described as trick vessels.

Many of these machines are made for the needs of the palace and the then sovereign, and some of them are to help with the water needs, like building water augmentation mechanisms. 

And using the element of water is what Jazri is most known for, which is the reason why some historians refer to him as the Master of Water. 

He built many mechanisms that were powered by water alone, like this alarm clock shaped like a boat. It has a hole in it and when the boat finally sinks, the tiny whistle blows To let you know the time’s up.

ismail al-jazari books

Ismail Jazari books are famous in the world of mechanics and design, and one of the most famous is Ismail Jazari books, a book that combines science and useful work in the manufacture of tricks, and not only that, but it is the most important ismail Jazari books.

Father of robotics

Al-Jazari and his fantastical contraptions got special interest from historians of science as they mentioned that he made the first programmable “robot” in history, like one of his inventions is the music box this invention is a boat with four sculptures and they are the band —a harpist, a flutist, and two drummers— was designed to play songs to entertain.  The mechanisms animating the drummers could be programmed to play different beats. (Robots entertained in al-Jazari’s time, but their new abilities will transform ours.)

For all their ingenuity, such devices were playthings for the rich. With his courtier hat on, al-Jazari understood the need to dazzle his rich patrons, who would, in turn, dazzle visiting dignitaries with their resident genius’s latest wonder. As a craftsman from a modest background, he also knew the needs of the everyday and devised useful gadgets that would lighten the burden of everyday toil. His book describes in detail at least five machines that facilitated drawing water and irrigating, on the farm and at home. Other highly practical machines were also included in his book: a crankshaft that converts linear movement into rotary movement; and a means for the exact calibration of locks and other apertures, among much else.

Some inventions came about just because of curiosity, while others were born out of need. 

At the time Army is on the battlefield and had difficulty seeing through mist and dust, so Jazari crafted a compass with a soldier figure in on to Showing the way. 

what did ismail al-jazari invent?

When we ask what did Ismail Jazari invent, the answer is wonderful: Ismail Al-Jazari made many things and also invented water-raising pumps, self-stimulating water clocks, musical instruments, and the elephant clock.
One of the most important answers to the question, what did Ismail Jazari invent, is that he made water clocks, clocks that move with lamp wicks, measuring instruments, fountains, musical instruments, and others to raise water.

He also invented calendars powered by water cupboards to help you wash yourself or a puzzle to open a chest. 

Whatever he made, he made it with a strong sense of humor as well as a keen artistic eye. Jazari was a mastermind who combined mechanics with art, humor, and theater. 

Al-Jazri didn’t only build a career and left a print in engineering and art history, but he also wrote a book explaining his inventions along with instructions on how to build them. The book of knowledge of ingenious mechanical devices. 

Al-Jazari book

“The book of knowledge of ingenious mechanical devices”

The book is one of the ancient Arab scientific heritage, which is concerned with mechanical engineering and is considered one of the most important books ever in the history of Arab technology, as it is a book among a series in a group of sources and studies in the history of Arab Islamic sciences, the book explains many things within this field, and the book nature is a lively practical nature, as its author was a skilled engineer and professional maker, who is well-known and praised by many Western scholars, including Sarton, who said: “This book introduces detailed works, the first of its kind, and considers it a blow in this field.” Of the Islamic achievements”, says Hill: “Until modern times, we have not had any document from any other civilization in the world that compares to what is in Al-Jazari’s book of richness in designs and engineering explanations related to methods of manufacture and assembly of machines.” Ibn Al-Jazari’s book of tricks is considered The impetus behind both the scientific and industrial revolutions in the world because the book explains many important things, including types of machine rings, hydraulic cushions, and other complex mechanical skills.

The book is one of the oldest surviving manuscripts on engineering practices. While each of the machines and tools described in this book is an important invention, the book itself is an important work of art in itself, with its colorful illustrations and narrative style.

In the end, Jazari is one of the most intelligent people in history and he made things to solve problems and to live forever and that’s why we choose to name our company with his name to let everybody know about what this man did.


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