Is there a difference between product and industrial design?

What distinguishes product design from the difference between product and industrial design? Since the terms “product” and “industrial” are frequently used synonymously, it makes sense that understanding their definitions would be the first step in learning how the two vary from one another. It’s not so easy, though, when it comes to these two design-related disciplines. Some claim they have the same meaning, while others offer sharp definitions of the two that directly conflict with one another. As a result, we’ll examine what goes into both product and industrial in this article to determine what makes both processes unique.

Difference between product and industrial design

difference between product and industrial design

Delivering a completely working product is the duty of a product designer. Product designing is used to develop new goods that companies might sell to their clients. It is a collection of tactical and strategic actions that include coming up with ideas for a product’s development and marketing. Transform the items into excellent creations, it also entails conceptualizing and assessing the concepts.

A product designer’s job is to integrate numerous strategies to develop new items that the general public may benefit from. How people use and abuse items, defective products, and attractive uses for those products are all factors that product designers must take into account.

The process of developing a product concentrates on many elements. A team of individuals with various qualifications and expertise implements the processes. The procedures involve determining the requirements, testing out potential solutions, developing models, and producing the final product.

The finalization process is carried out once the product has been transformed into an actual one, any flaws have been fixed, and any improvements have been made as needed. The product design is divided into several areas, including mechanical, electrical, and electronic product designs.

Industrial design

Industrial is a method used in product development to create items that will be produced in large quantities. It is focused on the designs used to produce goods on an industrial scale or with industrial methods.

After the first industrial revolution, when factories were built to produce certain goods in large quantities, the phrase “industrial design” was developed. Products were created using manual methods prior to the first industrial revolution, which decreased manufacturing output. Following the first industrial revolution, the following responsibilities were given to industrial designers:

  • Replacement of current items with new ones that fulfil the necessary tasks and entice customers to purchase them.
  • Create goods that can be produced in big quantities.
  • Look for value engineering and other potential ways to cut the overall cost of producing a product.
  • It focuses on bringing together art form and usability, which are connected to craft designing and ergonomics for mass-producing things. Both logical thinking and creative thinking go into industrial design.
  • When developing new products, industrial designers frequently employ approaches including user research, product comparison study, model design, prototyping, and testing.
  • It emphasises technological ideas, things, and methods. It also includes engineering, utility, and market positioning. The technical specifications of the items are not discussed by industrial designers.

Several crucial points

difference between product and industrial design
  • Industrial design is seen as a subcategory of product design.
  • Product design, furniture design, footwear design, and interior design are all examples of industrial design.
  • While it is possible to work in product design without technical understanding, being an industrial designer clearly requires technical/engineering expertise. Unless you are working on preliminary concepts.
  • To tailor the goods to the demands of the market and the business, industrial design also teaches you about commercial considerations.
  • In general, producing goods is more the focus of product design. Industrial design involves coming up with solutions and bringing them to production. A product designer cannot be an industrial designer, while an industrial designer may be a product designer.

What distinguishes product from industrial design?

The word “industrial design” is wider. The industrial designers’ suggestions are taken into consideration by the product team. To put it another way, industrial encompasses tasks like product spec, aesthetics, and look finalization. However, product entails precisely designing the product in accordance with the guidelines given by the industrial team.

You must have a thorough understanding of your product, competition, and target market to succeed as an industrial designer. A competent product designer, however, possesses solid technical subject expertise.

In young startups and small businesses, the same engineer occasionally doubles as an industrial designer and product designer.

The Difference

difference between product and industrial design

The distinctions between product and industrial are outlined here.

  • Industrial design’s subset, product design. But industrial design, often known as ID design, is a more general phrase used in the lifespan of the development of a product.
  • Product Design focuses on precise product design but industrial design focuses on production and product aesthetics (look, feel).
  • Product Design is teams comprised of engineers from the mechanical, electrical, and software industries are engaged. But industrial design is in charge of the entire functionality, aesthetics, UI, and UX of a product.
  • Product Design assures that the product operates in accordance with the requirements and relevant standards but industrial design ensures that a product’s design is acceptable for mass manufacturing and meets consumer expectations.
  • From idea design to actual product production, product design involves these processes. but industrial design includes tasks across the whole product lifetime.
  • These are the key distinctions between product design and industrial design. Since product design is a subset of industrial design, there aren’t many significant distinctions between them, but the ones mentioned above are enough to distinguish them apart. We hope this post helped you to understand the difference between industrial design and product design.

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To choose the best type of this service to develop an intended product, it is essential to comprehend the differences between product and industrial design. In light of the crucial role that industrial and product designers play in the sector. Any concept may be turned into a marketable product with the aid of skilled designers.

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